wovosoft / crud

A laravel package generator for WovoCMS


Laravel Package Generator

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Simple package to quickly generate basic structure for laravel packages.


Install via composer

composer require --dev wovosoft/crud  

Publish package config if you want customize default values

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Wovosoft\Crud\ServiceProvider" --tag="config"  

Available commands for Packages

Make A New Package

php artisan crud:make_package {vendor} {package}
or, with inraction
php artisan crud:make_package -i

Example: php artisan crud:make_package Wovosoft SomeAwesomePackage

This command will:

  • Create packages/wovosoft/some-awesome-package folder
  • Register package in app composer.json
  • Copy package skeleton from skeleton folder to created folder (you can provide
    your custom skeleton path in config)
  • Run git init packages/wovosoft/some-awesome-package
  • Run composer update wovosoft/some-awesome-package
  • Run composer dump-autoload

With interactive -i flag you will be prompted for every needed value from you.

Remove A Package

php artisan crud:remove_package {vendor} {package}

Example: php artisan crud:remove_package Wovosoft SomeAwesomePackage

This command will:

  • Run composer remove wovosoft/some-awesome-package
  • Remove packages/wovosoft/some-awesome-package folder
  • Unregister package in app composer.json
  • Run composer dump-autoload

Interactive mode also possible.

Available Commands For Controller Generation

Make a Controller

php artisan crud:make_controller {vendor} {package} {controller} {model} \

With Interaction Mode

php artisan crud:make_controller -i

Remove A Controller

php artisan crud:remove_controller {vendor} {package} {controller}

With Interaction Mode

php artisan crud:remove_controller -i

Available Commands for Model Generation

Make a Model

php artisan crud:make_model {vendor} {package} {model}

With Interaction Mode

php artisan crud:make_model -i

Remove a Model

php artisan crud:remove_model {vendor} {package} {model}

With Interaction Model

php artisan crud:remove_model -i

CRUD Console Application

There is a Console Application available. To run all above Artisan Commands from a single terminal with less commands, please run php artisan crud -i or php artisan crud. Then you can see the all available commands in a multiple choice form. Just select an option and that command will start executing immediately in interaction mode. You can then follow the rest of the ongoing processes.

Custom skeleton

This package will copy all folders and files from specified skeleton path to package folder. You can use templates in your skeleton. All files with tpl extension will be provided with some variables available to use in them. tpl extension will be stripped.

Available variables to use in templates:

  • vendor (e.g. Wovosoft)
  • package (e.g. SomeAwesomePackage)
  • vendorFolderName (e.g. wovosoft)
  • packageFolderName (e.g. some-awesome-package)
  • packageHumanName (e.g. Some awesome package)
  • composerName (e.g. wovosoft/some-awesome-package)
  • composerDesc (e.g. A some awesome package)
  • composerKeywords (e.g. some,awesome,package)
  • licence (e.g. MIT)
  • phpVersion (e.g. >=7.0)
  • aliasName (e.g. some-awesome-package)
  • configFileName (e.g. some-awesome-package)
  • year (e.g. 2017)
  • name (e.g. Narayan Adhikary)
  • email (e.g. [email protected])
  • githubPackageUrl (e.g. https://github.com/wovosoft/some-awesome-package)
  • controller (Name of the Controller for Controller Generation)
  • model (Name of the Model for Model Generation)

Things you need to do manually:

  • Service provider and alias registration (if you use laravel <5.5)
  • In README.md:
    • StyleCI repository identifier
    • Package description
    • Usage section


If you discover any security related issues, please email [email protected] Or, create an issue in this github repository.


Special Thanks

  • Special Thanks to https://github.com/melihovv/laravel-package-generator . We have just made an extended version of this package. A Console Application is integrated to perform all operations. Few more commands like Controller, Models with adding and removing features for certain packages are added.