Frequently asked questions

We try our best to be the most transparent as possible. If you don't find an answer to your question here, please contact us by email at [email protected].

What is is a website that lists every composer package related to Laravel, ever. Have you ever searched for the best or perfect package for a given problem of yours? And then try to compare them and select the best one? Here you can quickly sort packages by stars and downloads, making it super easy to find what you're looking for.

I wanted to rebuild a better version of with the ability to make "collections" of packages.

What are "Collections"?

On, a "Collection" is a list of package created by our users to serve a specific type of web applications. For exemple, you can create a collection "Packages I use to build a Blog website" and in this list, you'll add every packages you're typically using to build a Blog.

This allows anyone to see what packages do your Laravel friends use to build their apps.

A Collection is public by default, meaning anyone can see the collections from other users. I'll work on private Collections if this feature is successful.

Is it free?

Yup! Entirely 👍

How do you make money out of this?

I don't make much money with this platform. You may see occasional ads on the website that help me pay the bills, but that's it.

Who is behing this?

Just one person, me! I'm Clément Rigo, web developer from Belgium. I run a small IT company in web consultancy. I launch products and build apps in Laravel for 12 years. You may have seen my website on which I write PHP & Laravel articles. I'm also on twitter even if I don't write much there.

Why is this website not opensource?

That was my initial intention, but as I'm using Laravel Nova as my Admin Backoffice, I can't put the code on github. If you have suggestion please tell me! I'd love to put the website on github and get help of the community to improve it.

How can I add a package to database?

In the footer you'll find a link "Register a Package". On this page you'll be able to enter the package name that you want to add.

If the package you entered already exists on our end, you'll be redirected to the package's page.

If the package you entered does not exists on our end, we will check the package information on packagist. If the package does not contains the keyword "laravel" in the name or in the composer.json keywords, then we won't add it to our database.

How do you keep the packages information up to date?

Every 24h the packages are updated thanks to the packagist API.