A forum module for Laravel 5 websites.







Laravel Forum

A drop-in forum module for Laravel 5.

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  • Laravel 5.2+
  • jQuery is currently required for forum moderation features (lock/sticky).

What this package provides

  • Fully Functional Forum (/forum)

  • Admin Interface (/admin/forums)

  • Database Tables

    • forums
    • forum_posts
    • forum_categories
    • forum_post_replies


Step 1: Add the following package to your composer.json require (if not already present).

Laravel 5.2:

require {
  "taskforcedev/laravel-forum": "1.0.2"

Laravel 5.3+:

require {
    "taskforcedev/laravel-forum": "dev-master"

In development (steps for 5.0-5.2 may work as long as you dont require a package requiring the newer laravel-support package).

Step 2: Run composer update

composer update

Step 3: Add the following service provider(s) to config/app.php (if not already present)

'providers' => [

Step 4: Migrate

Run the migrations

php artisan migrate

Step 5: Publish Config.

If you haven't previously published the config from the LaravelSupport package please do this also with the following command:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="taskforce-support"

Step 6: Edit config.

If you haven't previously edited the config/taskforce-support.php file please add your sites details into this.

'layout' => 'layouts.master',
'sitename' => 'Your Site Name',


Once you have done the installation steps above in order to setup the forums for public use you must first create at least one category and a forum, you do this by visiting


Once you have done this you can add the link to /forum into your sites navigation as you please.

Administration / Moderation

In order to provide administrators access to add/edit/manage the forums we use laravel policies.

The following must return true for a user to be able to visit the admin section:

$user->can('create', Forum::class);

We recommended you have a policy which proves a user has administration powers on your application:

see: https://laravel.com/docs/5.3/authorization#creating-policies

Then you can add the following to your app/Providers/AuthServiceProvider.php file

use Taskforcedev\LaravelForum\Models\Forum;
use Taskforcedev\LaravelForum\Models\ForumCategory;

Then apply your admin policy to each of the models [example:]

protected $policies = [
    Forum::class => AdminPolicy::class,
    ForumCategory::class => AdminPolicy::class,

As it stands any authenticated user is able to post or reply in any forum.


The following events are fired within the package and can be listened for in your main application.

  • Taskforcedev\LaravelForum\Events\PostCreated
  • Taskforcedev\LaravelForum\Events\PostReply

Contributing / Feedback

  • We welcome any pull requests, please ensure code is to the PSR-2 Standard.
  • We check github issues frequently so please feel free to raise any comments or feedback there.


Version 1.* follows the semantic version numbering system.

Future versions will use the laravel major and minor version numbers followed by release number.