phpexperts / laravel-quickstart

The Laravel Framework.


Laravel QuickStart

A PHP Experts, Inc., Project

Everything you need to start a production-ready
Laravel+PostgreSQL+jQuery+Bootstrap system, in 5 minutes or less!

Is it really possible to start a new Laravel project, completely from scratch,
and be operational, complete with a Dockerized PHP, Nginx, PostgreSQL and Redis
environment that's ready for either a devbox or production environment...

In less than 5 minutes?

Now it is!

tl;dr: To get started, just do this:

composer create-project phpexperts/laravel-quickstart projectname

git clone
cd laravel_quickstart 

Follow the prompts. And you'll be done in under 5 minutes! A complete Linux,
Nginx, PostgreSQL and PHP (LEPP) stack + Redis. MariaDB and Memcache will be
coming soon!

Installation Video


  1. Shortens the time to start a fresh Laravel site from 1-3 hours to 3-5 minutes.
  2. Full dockerized webstack ready for deployment on either dev boxes or docker
    cloud hosts, like Google App Engine.
  3. Uses the latest version of PHP, v7.4.
  4. Instantly available, pre-configured Laravel installation, using PostgreSQL and Redis.
  5. Template layouts are already installed.
  6. Laravel's authentication system is already installed and configured.
  7. Requires no knowledge of Laravel, Docker, or even PHP. So it's great for people
    who are just beginning.
  8. Fully scriptable and ready for CI builds.

Live webapp deployment in minutes

This script requires absolutely no skill to setup the entire system. If you want
to deploy it to, say, a DigitalOcean Docker Droplet, all you
would have to do is, literally, upload your project to the server and then run
the ./ and you'd instantly have a live server. How cool is that?!


This directly builds upon my new project DockerPHP.
It allows you to dockerize any PHP app in under 5 minutes, by executing two simple
commands that require very little to no skill.

This is definitely easier than setting up a Wamp server. And faster, too!

This project took me about 6 hours to create and another 4 to polish it, all in
one day and ALLL night! Normally, it takes about 2 or 3 hours for me to bring a
project to this level of development, but now the installer does everything in
under 3 minutes!