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A powerful and flexible flash notifications system for PHP



A powerful and flexible flash notifications system for PHP, Laravel, Symfony

👀 PHP Flasher helps you to add flash notifications to your PHP projects. This library was developed with the idea that you should be able to add flash notification to your application with ease and with few lines of code. No application-wide rewrites and no big investments upfront.

Why use PHP Flasher ?

The PHP Flasher project supports many notification libraries : tailwindcss, bootstrap, toastr.js, sweet alert 2, pnotify, noty, and notyf
and its highly extendable so you can add your custom notifications.

This library is designed, so you can take full control when creating you notifications :

  • Display multiple notifications
  • Sort and filter notifications
  • Render notification from JSON object
  • Limit the number of displayed notifications
  • Show notifications from different libraries at the same time
  • Framework angostic with integration for : Symfony and Laravel
  • Support templates
  • Easy migration from similar libraries.
  • Very flexible so you can add you own adapters
  • ...and more

Official Documentation

Documentation for PHP Flasher can be found on the PHP Flasher website.

Backers && Sponsors

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Thank you to all our backers and sponsors! 🙏

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PHP Flasher is being actively developed by yoeunes. You can reach out with questions, bug reports, or feature requests
on any of the following:


PHP Flasher is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

Made with ❤️ by Younes KHOUBZA