markrassamni / inline-boolean

A Laravel Nova boolean field that can be directly edited from the index or detail page of a resource.


Laravel Nova: Inline Boolean

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Adds the ability to edit a boolean field directly from the index or detail page of a resource.



$ composer require markrassamni/inline-boolean


Use the MarkRassamni\InlineBoolean\InlineBoolean field in your Nova resource:

use MarkRassamni\InlineBoolean\InlineBoolean;

class MyResource extends Resource
    public function fields(Request $request)
        return [
                ->inlineOnIndex()  // Use inline field on the index page
                ->inlineOnDetail()  // Use inline field on the detail page
                ->enableMessage('Boolean has been enabled.')  // Toast message when enabling boolean
                ->disableMessage('Boolean has been disabled.')  // Toast message when disabling boolean
                ->trueText('Enabled')  // Change the text describing true boolean values
                ->falseText('Disabled')  // Change the text describing false boolean values
                ->showTextOnIndex()  // Show true/false text beside the checkbox on the index page