A simple lock screen for laravel nova.







Lock Screen for Laravel Nova

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The lock screen is a simple security feature that works as locking overlay over the NOVA dashboard. If the user is idle for given timeout, the lockscreen will be activated automatically. Then the user needs to enter login password again to continue their session.


How to use

  1. Run composer composer require lahirulhr/nova-lock-screen to install the package

  2. Publish config (Optional) php artisan vendor:publish --tag="nova-lock-screen.config"

  3. Use LockScreen trait in User model

use Lahirulhr\NovaLockScreen;

class User extends Model {

  use LockScreen;
  // ... 


  1. Register the Tool in Nova service provider

use Lahirulhr\NovaLockScreen\NovaLockScreen;

public function tools()
        return [
            // ... ,
            new NovaLockScreen,

  1. Register middleware in nova.php

'middleware' => [
      // ... ,

  1. Done



// config for Nova Lock Screen

return [
    // master lock
    'enabled' => true,

    // auth guard for lock screen
    'guard' => 'web',

    // if user has been inactive for this long time,  the app will be locked 
    'lock_timeout' => 15, // second

    // default background image for lock screen
    'background_image' => '',

    // these urls are not locked by lock screen
    'excluded_urls' => [

    // set custom url for lock screen
        'lock_url' => 'nova-lock-screen',

Set custom background image per user

you can override default background image by overriding getLockScreenImage() method in User model

public function getLockScreenImage():String
    return 'url\to\image.jpg';

Enable/Disable lock screen per user

use lockScreenEnabled() method to override default lock status settings

public function lockScreenEnabled():bool
    return false;

Set locking timeout per user

use lockScreenTimeout() method to override default lock status settings

public function lockScreenTimeout():int
    return 60*10; // seconds

Customizing the lock screen

The lock screen page is built with Blade views. You can copy them into your resource directory by running php artisan vendor:publish --tag="nova-lock-screen.views" command then customize them as you want.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.