This package provides an abstraction to efficiently manage multiple database application commands, like: migrate







This package provides an abstraction to efficiently run migrate command on multiple database app

Version 20 Upgrade

This package has been migrated from apps-inteligentes/laravel-multi-database-commands to henryavila/laravel-multi-database-commands The namespace has been moved from AppsInteligentes\LaravelMultiDatabaseCommands to HenryAvila\LaravelMultiDatabaseCommands

To update this package, update your composer.json file to

    "require": {
        "henryavila/laravel-multi-database-commands": "^2.0.0"

If you overwrite some contente of this pacakge, make sure to run a global search a replace on your code looking for AppsInteligentes\LaravelMultiDatabaseCommands and replacing with HenryAvila\LaravelMultiDatabaseCommands


You can install the package via composer:

composer require henryavila/laravel-multi-database-commands

You can publish the config file with:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="HenryAvila\LaravelMultiDatabaseCommands\LaravelMultiDatabaseCommandsServiceProvider" --tag="laravel_multi_database_commands-config"

This is the contents of the published config file:

return [

     * Add here the list of all database connection.
     * You can find the connection names in config file: database.connections
    'databases' => [



All new migration, created by this package will be organized this way: each database present in multi_database_commands.databases will have their own migration folder.

Ex: All migrations for DB tenant will be stored in database/migration/tenant. All migrate command executed by this package will isolate all DB.

Create Migration Files

To create the migration add_active_column_on_users_table on tenant db connection, run the command:

php artisan multi-db:make-migration add_active_column_on_users_table tenant

Just like php artisan make:migration command, you can use the options --create theTableToBeCreated and --table theTableToBeMigrated

Running Migrations

To execute a migrate command in all DB. The list of all databases, must be defined in config file multi_database_commands

# Run migration in all dbs defined in multi_database_commands config file 
php artisan multi-db:migrate

# Run migration:status in all dbs defined in multi_database_commands config file 
php artisan multi-db:migrate -C status

# Run migration:rollback in teannt db  
php artisan multi-db:migrate tenant -C rollback

Just like php artisan migrate command, you can use all laravel variations fresh, install, refresh, reset, rollback and status`

To execute the command in on DB, just inform the db connection name

#Execute the migrate:status just on log db
php artisan multi-db:migrate log -C status


composer test


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