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A Laravel Nova field.


Laravel Nova Quilljs editor Field

A Laravel Nova implementation of the Quill editor for Vue.js

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What's new (20200228)?

Thanks for Milkhan's suggest, I add two option to modify editor's height(default:300px) and width(full).


Install via composer

composer require ek0519/quilljs

Modify quill's height and width




Number (unit px)

use Ek0519\Quilljs\Quilljs;

        ->fullWidth(false) (option, default full-width)
        ->height(500) (option, default 300px)

resize and align image

I add this module https://github.com/Fandom-OSS/quill-blot-formatter , thanks for https://github.com/Fandom-OSS

Image upload

This Nova field provides native attachments driver which works similar to Trix File Uploads.

To use this attachments driver, publish and run the migration(also publish quilljs config to set toolbar):

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Ek0519\Quilljs\FieldServiceProvider"
php artisan migrate

Then, allow users to upload images, just like with Trix field, chaining the withFiles method onto the field's definition. When calling this method, you should pass the name of the filesystem disk that images should be stored on(in this example, we use public, please use this command php artisan storage:link ):

use Ek0519\Quilljs\Quilljs;

        ->placeholder('please enter here')

Customizing Tooltips

In default, tooltip was disabled, if you want to use, in Resource add ->tooltip(true)

Quilljs::make(__('Content'), 'content')

in config/tooltip.php

You can use favorite description of tooltip.


return [
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-bold','title' =>'bold'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-italic','title' =>'italic'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-underline','title' =>'underline'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-header','title' =>'header'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-strike','title' =>'strike'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-blockquote','title' =>'blockquote'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-code-block','title' =>'code-block'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-size','title' =>'font-size'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-list[value="ordered"]','title' =>'order list'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-list[value="bullet"]','title' =>'bulleted list'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-header[value="1"]','title' =>'h1'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-header[value="2"]','title' =>'h2'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-align','title' =>'align'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-color','title' =>'color'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-background','title' =>'background'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-image','title' =>'image'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-video','title' =>'video'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-link','title' =>'link'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-formula','title' =>'formula'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-clean','title' =>'clean'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-indent[value="-1"]','title' =>'indent left'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-indent[value="+1"]','title' =>'indent right'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-header .ql-picker-label','title' =>'header size'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-header .ql-picker-item[data-value="1"]','title' =>'H1'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-header .ql-picker-item[data-value="2"]','title' =>'H2'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-header .ql-picker-item[data-value="3"]','title' =>'H3'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-header .ql-picker-item[data-value="4"]','title' =>'H4'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-header .ql-picker-item[data-value="5"]','title' =>'H5'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-header .ql-picker-item[data-value="6"]','title' =>'H6'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-header .ql-picker-item:last-child','title' =>'normal'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-size .ql-picker-item[data-value="small"]','title' =>'small'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-size .ql-picker-item[data-value="large"]','title' =>'large'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-size .ql-picker-item[data-value="huge"]','title' =>'xlarge'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-size .ql-picker-item:nth-child(2)','title' =>'normal'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-align .ql-picker-item:first-child','title' =>'align left'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-align .ql-picker-item[data-value="center"]','title' =>'align center'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-align .ql-picker-item[data-value="right"]','title' =>'align right'],
        ['Choice' =>'.ql-align .ql-picker-item[data-value="justify"]','title' =>'justify']

Customizing Quilljs Toolbar

If you want to change toolbar's setting, you can change quilljs.php in config folder, referrence quilljs's web site https://quilljs.com/docs/modules/toolbar

return [
    ["bold", "italic", "underline", "strike"],
    ["blockquote", "code-block"],
    [ ['header'=> 1 ], ['header'=> 2]],
    [['list'=> "ordered" ], ['list'=> "bullet" ]],
    [[ 'script'=> "sub" ], [ 'script'=> "super" ]],
    [[ 'indent'=> "-1" ], [ 'indent'=> "+1" ]],
    [[ 'direction'=> "rtl" ]],
    [[ 'size'=> ["small", false, "large", "huge"] ]],
    [[ 'header'=> [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, false] ]],
    [[ 'color'=> [] ], [ 'background'=> [] ]],
    [[ 'font'=> [] ]],
    [[ 'align'=> [] ]],
    ["link", "image", "video"]

Video embed

Only support Youtube Facebook,default size in Nova was width 800px and height 450px,define in css

  width: 800px;
  height: 450px;