A simple, clean admin package for Laravel 4 with no other dependencies.







NOTICE: Unfortunately I will no longer be maintaining this repo.

A WIP admin package for Laravel 4 that has no dependencies other than Laravel 4. I would not call this production ready just yet, I am still finishing up some of the core modules.

This is my first package and experience with Laravel, having switched from FuelPHP. I started this project to avoid having to create a new admin interface for each project, as I was previously doing. When I started this there weren't many admin packages for Laravel 4, and the few that there was were dependent on third-party packages or had jQuery UI or other components built into the frontend already. While not re-inventing the wheel is great, I am new to Laravel and want to use as much of the core code as possible and avoid third-party packages.

All feedback is welcome and appreciated.


  • Simple role and module based access control.
  • Bootstrap 3 templating.
  • Easy to extend admin interface.

Core Modules

  • Module Groups - manage module groups.
  • Modules - manage modules.
  • Roles - manage user roles and their modules.
  • Users - manage users.
  • Log Viewer - view the application logs.

###Road Map

  • Unit Tests
  • Functional Tests
  • Auditing / Action Log
  • More Coming Soon...

###Getting Started ####Configuration

  1. Add the package to the require array in the file /composer.json:

    "david-weber/dominion": "dev-master"

  2. Change the model value in the file /app/config/auth.php to the following:


  3. Add the following string to the providers array in the file /app/config/app.php:


####Installation Run the following commands from your terminal / command prompt:

  1. Publish Config

    php artisan config:publish david-weber/dominion

  2. Publish Assets

    php artisan asset:publish "david-weber/dominion"

  3. Run Migrations

    php artisan migrate --package="david-weber/dominion"

  4. Run Seeders

    php artisan db:seed --class="DavidWeber\Dominion\Seeders\DatabaseSeeder"

####Admin Login You can now browse to http://YourServer:ServerPort/AppRoot/admin

The default credentials are:

Username: admin

Password: password


  1. Change the title, footer and logo in the file /app/config/packages/david-weber/dominion/config.php

###Extending The Admin Interface ####Modules

  1. Create a controller which extends DominionController.
  2. Create a Module Group entry via the admin GUI or with a seeder.
  3. Create the Module entry via the admin GUI or with a seeder.
  4. Assign the module to the user's role.
  5. Views should extend 'dominion::templates.admin'

###Theming The Admin Interface Coming Soon...