titzu / cache

Laravel 4 Route Caching


This is a Laravel 4 package that provides caching for the response of the application.


Begin by installing this package through Composer. Edit your project's composer.json file to require titzu/cache.

"require": {
        "laravel/framework": "4.0.*",
        "titzu/cache": "dev-master"
"require-dev": {
        "phpunit/phpunit": "3.7.*",
        "mockery/mockery": "[email protected]"
"minimum-stability" : "dev"

Next, update Composer from the Terminal:

composer update

Once this operation completes, the final step is to add the service provider. Open app/config/app.php, and add a new item to the providers array.


That's all!


Register route for caching

You must register the filter with the route

Route::get('/', array('before' => 'cache_get', 'after' => 'cache_set', 'uses' => '[email protected]'));

Of course you can also register a group of routes

Route::group(array('before' => 'cache_get', 'after' => 'cache_set'), function()
    Route::get('/', '[email protected]');
    Route::get('another', '[email protected]');

Clear Routes Cache

php artisan router:clear

By default Laravel uses file cache driver for cache storage. Because cache sections are not supported when using the file or database cache drivers
and in order not to flush all cache when we need to refresh just the routes cache I keep cached routes in a separate cache entry 'cached_routes'.
The router:clear command will then only operate on the keys registered in cached_routes array.


In order to verify that the request is served from the cache or on the fly, I added a new header entry

$response->header('Served-From', 'cache');


$response->header('Served-From', 'laravel');

You can then find this using entry developer tools ( firebug for example ).


Feel free to use, fork, whatever :)