sloveniangooner / searchable-select

A Laravel Nova field.


Laravel Nova Searchable Select Field

A Searchable Select Field for Laravel Nova. This field joins the functionalities of the BelongsTofield
and Select field.

Basically a regular Select field where you specify the resource you want to search for and no "relationships"
are needed. This means, you can use it also in additional JSON fields in your database.



composer require sloveniangooner/searchable-select


Just like the regular select field, but instead of the options method you provide the resource method
with your resource name.

use Sloveniangooner\SearchableSelect\SearchableSelect;

SearchableSelect::make('Content', 'content_id')->resource("contents")
... or
SearchableSelect::make("Content", "content_id")->resource(\App\Nova\Content::class)

You can pass all the regular options like:

SearchableSelect::make('Content', 'content_id')
    ->help("Help text")

But also two additional options:

SearchableSelect::make('Content', 'content_id')
    ->label("custom_label_field") // Defaults to the static $title attribute of the resource class
    ->value("custom_value_field") // Defaults to 'id'

You can now also choose the multiple option. Needs a text or json field in the database.

SearchableSelect::make('Content', 'content_id')

Another option is to define the maximum number of items shown in the search. (Default: 20)

SearchableSelect::make("Content", "content_id")