radwanic / resource-listing

A Laravel Nova card.


This package allows you to list resources and order them based on a specific column


You can install the package in a Laravel app with Nova installed

composer require radwanic/resource-listing


A Laravel Nova card that displays a list of resource items based on the criteria that you specify.

Basic Usage

Adding the snippet below to the dashboard cards function will display the most resent posts based on their created_at field

protected function cards()
	return [
		(new ResourceListing())->resource(\App\Post::class)


Available Methods

Name Description Example Default Value
resource sets the resource (must be set) \App\Post::class -
cardTitle sets card title, won't display a card title if not set Recent Posts empty string
resourceTitleColumn choose the resource model column which will be used in the listing first_name - name - title title
resourceUri sets the resource uri. only the title will be displayed if not set /resoucres/posts/ empty string
limit sets the maximum number of items that will be listed 1 - 3 - 5 10
orderBy sets the column that will be used to sort the list updated_at - name - price - age created_at
order sets the sorting direction asc - desc desc
readableDate sets the readable human date flag. this can be used with any date column true - false false

Advanced Examples

  • Display recently updated posts, link each post to its resource url,
    and limit the results to 5
(new ResourceListing())  
 ->cardTitle('Recently Updated Posts')  

recent posts

  • Get the most expensive products based on the price, and use name to display each item
(new ResourceListing())  
 ->cardTitle('Recently Updated Posts')  

most expensive

  • Get the three oldest members based on the created_at column, transform the created_at to a readable human time diff, and set the order direction to asc
new ResourceListing())  
 ->cardTitle('Oldest Members')  

oldest members


If you discover any security related issues, please email [email protected]


This is a basic package that covers few cases and has limited features. Any contributions are welcome and credited.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.