panjezor / laravel-nuxt

A Laravel-Nuxt starter project template.


LaraNuxt base by Filip Cieslik

This is a basic repository for the purpose of myself doing projects with Laravel 7 and Vue with Nuxt.js framework.

The repo will have a couple of composer and package files to sort out useful (most likely used by me) features that I would have to do any time I would start a new project.

I do not require this to be perfect for everyone, if you want to contribute, do it.

This readme file will cover what exactly comes in a package.

If you wish to use redis, use Laravel Horizon too.


If you use SPA, all your blade files should include resources/js/app.js in the body.

If you don't do SPA, you will have to create a js file for every other page as usual.

For some cases, there will be jQuery with Bootstrap available.

EXPLICITLY SET ENV in nuxt.config.js

  • php artisan migrate
  • npm install
  • php artisan passport:install (with --uuids if you want them)
  • php artisan optimize:full

Composer packages included

composer require spatie/laravel-translatable - translate options of a model to be different names

composer require spatie/laravel-image-optimizer - optimizing images to make them easier to transmit.
config/image-optimizer file is already published.

composer require spatie/laravel-csp
content security policy for no malicious js injection.
config/csp.php holds info

composer require spatie/laravel-db-snapshots
db snapshots - dump and load
app/config/filesystems.php gets a new disk called snapshots for this.
config/db-snapshots holds the defaults for snapshotting.

composer require spatie/eloquent-sortable
sortable trait for eloquent models
useful for sorting

if not using nuxt or some front-end SSR, download this

composer require spatie/laravel-missing-page-redirector
used for retaining SEO when moving to new site setup (changing addresses and redirecting)
/config/missing-page/redirector.php holds data.

composer require spatie/laravel-failed-job-monitor
failed job notification interface. works with slack(requires guzzle too) and mail out of the box.
config/failed-job-monitor.php holds default data.

composer require spatie/laravel-permission
basic permissions and roles. utilizes Laravel Gate(

composer require spatie/laravel-medialibrary
handles filesystems and uploads.

composer require spatie/laravel-backup
backup of the application
php artisan backup:run does the job.
db snapshot is just for db, this backs up application too.

composer require spatie/laravel-activitylog
config/activitylog.php is default file holder.
needs migrating (migration is there already)

composer require spatie/laravel-sitemap
sitemap generator (SEO)

composer require spatie/laravel-cookie-consent
basic blade file for cookie consent issue and handling. either include it as a blade template or with middleware
middleware set by default.
config/cookie-consent.php holds config
resources/lang/vendor/cookieconsent for just the text customization
resources/views/vendor/cookieconsent for full customization

composer require spatie/laravel-web-tinker --dev
tinker for web
used only in dev
creates a route to use tinker interactively over a website.
config/web-tinker.php holds default config
You must register a viewWebTinker ability. A good place to do this is in the AuthServiceProvider that ships with Laravel.
public function boot()

Gate::define('viewWebTinker', function ($user = null) {
    // return true if access to web tinker is allowed

You must set the enabled variable in the web-tinker config file to true.

composer require spatie/laravel-link-checker
crawler to test all endpoints to see if they return 200.
config/laravel-link-checker.php with defaults
can set up own check profiles etc.

composer require spatie/laravel-blade-javascript
passing data from blade to js
config/blade-javascript.php holds config
resources/views/vendor/bladeJavaScript holds the script template.
pass it as @javascript('key', 'value')

composer require spatie/laravel-robots-middleware
enabling and disabling SEO indexing - created a default middleware and assigned it in kernel

composer require spatie/laravel-validation-rules
basic validation rules.
resources/lang/vendor/validationRules - edit for translations.

composer require spatie/laravel-blink
a single request cache data holder.
If you have an expensive function somewhere, call it with blink to keep the outcome for future reference (before end of request)
added alias and provider

composer require laravel/passport
for better authentication after you get rid of SPA bit in nuxt.
/resources/js/components/passport for basic passport use (VUE only)

composer require spatie/crawler
a good crawler for getting data off other pages.

npm install puppeteer
composer require spatie/browsershot
server-side screenshots.

composer require maatwebsite/excel
handling excel spreadsheets.

composer require barryvdh/laravel-debugbar --dev
debugbar for debugging

composer require fruitcake/laravel-cors
cors header sendding with middleware.

this project was based on laravel nuxt repo as a starter template, then added libraries of preference.


  • Nuxt 2.11
  • Laravel 7
  • SPA or SSR
  • Socialite integration
  • VueI18n + ESlint + Bootstrap 4 + Font Awesome 5
  • Login, register, email verification and password reset as base (main page serves SPA, api file serve functionality)



npm run dev

You can access your application at http://localhost:3000.


npm run build

You can access your application the url you set APP_URL to.

Enable SSR

  • Remove mode: 'spa' and '~plugins/nuxt-client-init' from client/nuxt.config.js
  • Edit .env to set APP_URL= and CLIENT_URL=
  • Run npm run build and npm run start

Nginx Proxy

For Nginx you can add a proxy using the follwing location block:

server {
    location / {
        proxy_pass http://;
        proxy_http_version 1.1;
        proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
        proxy_set_header Connection 'upgrade';
        proxy_set_header Host $host;
        proxy_cache_bypass $http_upgrade;

Process Manager

In production you need a process manager to keep the Node server alive forever:

# install pm2 process manager
npm install -g pm2

# startup script
pm2 startup

# start process
pm2 start npm --name "laravel-nuxt" -- run start

# save process list
pm2 save

# list all processes
pm2 l

After each deploy you'll need to restart the process:

pm2 restart laravel-nuxt

Make sure to read the Nuxt docs.


This project comes with GitHub as an example for Laravel Socialite.

To enable the provider create a new GitHub application and use as the Authorization callback URL.

Edit .env and set GITHUB_CLIENT_ID and GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET with the keys form your GitHub application.

For other providers you may need to set the appropriate keys in config/services.php and redirect url in OAuthController.php.

Email Verification

To enable email verification make sure that your App\User model implements the Illuminate\Contracts\Auth\MustVerifyEmail contract.


  • This project uses router-module, so you have to add the routes manually in client/router.js.
  • If you want to separate this in two projects (client and server api), move package.json into client/ and remove config path option from the scripts section. Also make sure to add the env variables in client/.env.


Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.