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Easily deploy your applications

Deployer is a tool that helps to deploy projects of any type to a server with minimal requirements.

Requirements on the server side:

  • SSH Access to the server
  • PHP if you want to use composer

The library works perfectly and is used in production for a few years now. It is still marked as beta as there are some things I still want to improve.

What does it do better than others ?

There are so much tools to deploy an application to one or many servers, the problem is that they're hard to configure and / or they need to install software on the destination server.

This tool has two advantages:

  • Nothing needs to be installed on the destination
  • Very simple configuration

Deploying is as simple as :

./deploy server:deploy production


Two commands are available

  • server:deploy : To deploy the latest commit on one or more servers
  • server:rollback : To rollback the latest deploy on one or more servers


You can install the library through composer. All you need is to add it as dependency to your composer.json.

    "require-dev": {
        "onigoetz/deployer": "1.0.0-beta2"

Quick Start

The full documentation is available at


In Laravel 4

Add the following lines to your application in config/local/app.php

    'providers' => append_config(

With that part configured you can run ./artisan config:publish onigoetz/deployer

this will copy the default configurations to config/packages/onigoetz/deployer You can find the details of each file in the Configuration section

Then you can run ./artisan server:deploy production to deploy

Standalone launcher

This time the configuration is made in a folder called .deployer

to do this, add deployer to your composer dependencies and do

cp vendor/onigoetz/deployer/src/config .deployer

You can now configure your infrastructure.

Then you can run vendor/bin/deployer server:deploy production to deploy


The ideas I have partly implemented or that I want to implement

  • Connect to servers with SSH Keys instead of the usual username:password combo
  • Create a zip locally and upload it to the server. (instead of a zip clone)