kosmoskosmos / rating

Allows multiple models to be rated with a five-star like system on Laravel Nova


Laravel Nova Rateable Field Extension


This package introduces a Rateable Trait to your application's models on Laravel Nova.

This package introduces a Rateable Trait to your application's models.

Also, it introduces an interactive Field to your Nova backend that makes it possible to instantly rate any property you wish.

With this package it is possible to perform multiple category rating.

For example, you might want to rate the

  • Performance
  • Price
  • Quality

of a product.

However, you can also generate a field that returns the average rating over all three categories combined with the virtual attribute averageRating

Config Settings

Run php artisan vendor:publish --tag=config to set default settings.
You will find them in config/rating.php.

You can also set a specific size and padding per field entry via calling the starSize and padding methods.


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Special credits

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If you need some more documentation about possible options, this might be a good documentation resource.


  1. composer require kosmoskosmos/nova-rateable-field
  2. php artisan vendor:publish
  3. php artisan migrate


public function fields(Request $request)
    return [
        // ...
        // Define categories for to be rated.
        Rating::make('Pizza Baking Skills', 'pizza_rating')->hideFromIndex(),
        Rating::make('Sushi Rolling Skills',  'sushi_rating')->hideFromIndex(),
        Rating::make('Bread Baking Skills', 'bread_rating')->hideFromIndex(),
        // Show average rating from all three categories above.  
        Rating::make('Overall Skills', 'average_rating')->onlyOnIndex(), 
        // Show average rating from only one category above
        Rating::make('Overall Bread Baking Skills', 'bread_average_rating')->onlyOnIndex(),  

Extend your model like this:

class MyModel extends Model {
    // use the Rateable trait 
    use \KosmosKosmos\Rating\Rateable;
    // use the getAttribute() function to inject the Trait's attribute-resolver
    public function getAttribute($key) {
        if ($result = $this->resolveRatingAttribute($key)) {
            return $result;
        return parent::getAttribute($key);


Attribute Naming Conventions

To make best use of this plugin we advise to use the suffix _rating or Rating for your rateable fields.