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Laravel Nova page builder

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Laravel page builder is a package for Laravel that allows you to easily construct pages using a code definition or in a
custom Laravel Nova field and Laravel Blade components.

I made this package as I like the idea of page builders, but I really dislike the idea of unstructured data or html
stored in the database.

I want to have the ability to define components easily (blade) and stick with how I would make regular templates. In
addition to that, I want to have the ability to modify the components I create when a visual change is needed, without
needing to rebuild the page.

The contents of the page builder are stored in a structured json object.

The package provides a few example components, but components should still be added by your project.

Disclaimer: This package and its documentation is a prototype/under development, feel free to use it and provide
feedback or pull requests to help improve it.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require haringsrob/laravel-page-builder

And publish the migration (Only required if used together with Laravel Nova):

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Haringsrob\LaravelPageBuilder\LaravelPageBuilderServiceProvider" --tag="migrations"

Creating a component

You can start by creating your component using the command line (provided by Laravel):

php artisan make:component Footer

namespace App\View\Components;

use Illuminate\Contracts\View\View;
use Illuminate\View\Component;

class Footer extends Component
     * @param \App\View\Components\ValueObjects\Link[] $links
     * @param string $facebookLink
     * @param string $instagramLink
    public function __construct(
        public array $links,
        public ?string $facebookLink,
        public string $instagramLink
    ) {

    public function render(): View
        return view('components.footer', get_object_vars($this));

Rendering the builder

As the builder is simple in its form you can easily build a new page.

This can be put in your controllers and can also be dynamically constructed (Like the Nova field does).

$builder = new PageBuilderCollection(
        new CenteredMenu(
            links: [
                new Link(href: route('bar'), label: __('Bar')),
                new Link(href: route('foo'), label: __('Foo')),
            actions: [
                new Button(href: '#beta-signup', label: __('Sign up for the beta')),
        new Footer(
            links: [
                new Link(href: route('bar'), label: __('Bar')),
                new Link(href: route('foo'), label: __('Foo')),
            facebookLink: null,
            instagramLink: '#'

return view('layout.app', ['content' => (new BuilderContent($builder))->render()]);

Laravel Nova page builder component

A page builder component is an extension from a regular component.

In addition to a regular component, it also provides a form method that can be used to generate the form.

php artisan make:component ExamplePageBuilderComponent

After that, modify the component so that it extends a BuilderComponent:


namespace App\View\Components;

use Haringsrob\LaravelPageBuilder\View\BuilderComponent;
use Illuminate\Contracts\View\View;

class ExamplePageBuilderComponent extends BuilderComponent
    private string $textLeft;
    private string $textRight;

    public function __construct(string $textLeft, string $textRight)
        $this->textLeft = $textLeft;
        $this->textRight = $textRight;

    static public function getForm(): array
        return [
            'textLeft' => BuilderComponent::TYPE_TEXT,
            'textRight' => BuilderComponent::TYPE_TEXT,

    public function render(): View
        return view(
                'textLeft' => $this->textLeft,
                'textRight' => $this->textRight,

As you can see it is very similar to regular components, except that there is a getForm method and optionally a
renderForBuilder method.

For now there are a couple of hardcoded types that the form builder supports:

public const TYPE_CHILDREN = 'children';
public const TYPE_CHILD = 'child';
public const TYPE_TEXT = 'text';
public const TYPE_WYSIWYG = 'wysiwyg'; // @todo: To be implemented.

The builder supports infinite nesting, and you can use the text fields for anything you want
(such as classes, or icon names).

The rendering of the component is done by you using regular blade files.

By properly structuring the files, you can continue to use them without involving the page builder.

Adding the field to a Laravel Nova

Internally there is a PageBuilderPage model, that holds the json structure of the page builder field.

There is also a trait you can use to make your model working with the page builder.

For example if you have a Page model, you can add use HasPageBuilder; to define the relation.

After adding the trait, you should add a migration to your Page table:


Now with all this, in your Nova resource add the field to the fields list:

LaravelPageBuilderField::make('Page builder page', 'page_builder_page_id'),

Now in the controller where you display the page you add:

public function page(Page $page): View
    return view('page', ['structure' => $page->pageBuilderPage->toStructureCollection(), 'title' => $page->title]);

And in the blade component:

  <title>{{ $title }}</title>
<x-laravel-page-builder-builder-content :content="$structure"></x-laravel-page-builder-builder-content>

If all is set up correctly, the page builder should be available in Nova with the components you created, and the ones
provided by this package:

The ui:
Example screenshot

This produces the following:

  • I must admit, the ui can be improved quite a lot, but as this is a first prototype it works great!

More examples

For more examples check the src/View directory or the tests.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


The package does contain a couple of tests but this is still under progress and more should be added.


The components are rendered in blade with allowing html: {!! !!}, please take actions required in your own
implementations to ensure no xss is possible.

If you discover any security related issues, please email [email protected] instead of using the issue tracker.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.


  • Allow to whitelist/blacklist blade-x components for the builder ui.
  • Improve the ui for the page builder.
  • Add the wysiwyg text field type in the builder.