frenzy / turbolinks

Frenzy Turbolinks makes following links in your web application faster with Laravel


Frenzy Turbolinks for Laravel 6.0+

Frenzy Turbolinks is a port of the Rails turbolinks gem
for projects using the PHP Laravel 6.0+ framework.


Current versions of the following JavaScript libraries are used:

  • turbolinks: v5.2.0

For Laravel 5.1 to 5.7 supports see Frenzy Turbolinks 3.2.3 tag

For Laravel 5.0 supports see Frenzy Turbolinks 3.0.0 tag

For Laravel 4.1 or 4.2 supports see Frenzy Turbolinks 1.0 tag


Turbolinks makes following links in your web application faster. Instead of letting
the browser recompile the JavaScript and CSS between each page change, it keeps
the current page instance alive and replaces only the body and the title in the head.

Performance improvements will vary depending on the amount of CSS and Javascript
you are using. You can get up to a 2X increase when using a lot of Javascript and
CSS. You can find the Rails benchmarks here.


Using Composer

Run this command in a terminal:

composer require frenzy/turbolinks

Add the Turbolinks middleware, to the $middlewareGroups array in app/Http/Kernel.php:


NOTICE: For Laravel 5.4 and below, you must modify your config/app.php, in the providers array add :


Add these scripts for automatic publication of assets, in your composer.json file:

   "scripts": {
       "post-install-cmd": [
           "php artisan vendor:publish --provider=\"Frenzy\\Turbolinks\\TurbolinksServiceProvider\" --force"
       "post-update-cmd": [
           "php artisan vendor:publish --provider=\"Frenzy\\Turbolinks\\TurbolinksServiceProvider\" --force"

Add Javascript files into your project


Using turbolinks requires both the usage of the javascript library and the event listeners included with the component.


Both the original coffeescript version and compiled version of each script are available for use.

Using turbolinks.js

To enable turbolinks, all you need to do is add the compiled turbolinks javascript to your layout in the <head>section.

Installation with the Larasset package

Click here to publish the assets automatically.


The turbolinks javascript is designed to work with any browser that fully supports
pushState and all the related APIs. This includes Safari 6.0+ (but not Safari 5.1.x!),
IE10+, and latest Chrome and Firefox.

Do note that existing JavaScript libraries may not all be compatible with
Turbolinks out of the box due to the change in instantiation cycle. You might
very well have to modify them to work with Turbolinks' new set of events. For
help with this, check out the Turbolinks Compatibility project.

Additional Resources

Please refer to the turbolinks project
if you require additional information on the javascript libraries and their usage.


For bugs or feature requests, please create an issue.


This package is based on the Symfony middleware package Helthe Turbolinks.